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by Joe — May 23
Hi Scott,

Thanks for answering those questions. This has got me thinking.

When a coder teams up with a designer, to develop and app, is this generally a fifty/fifty work load, and an even partnership? or is one job more work than the other?

Which has led me to more questions.
Saying we're talking about a consumer app, like this size of iphoto or smaller.

If one decides to hire a professional for the design (I hope I'm not going to far here), what does that generally cost?
And if a designer wants to develop an app, and hire out the implementation side, is this a similar cost?

And my final question is this.
It sounds like the best thing to do is to get together with other mac developers, designers and talented people. So if you're really into this stuff, and determined to go in this direction, what do you do if you live in the middle of virginia, and have never even met another mac developer in person?

Do you keep trucking through the web, and try to build relationships along the way?
Do you move to California to meet people or try to get a job to get some experience before going out on your own? and then find colleagues who want to quit their jobs with you for the dream of success.
Or do you just hack it alone cause you live in the middle of virginia??
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