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Comment on "Delicious Library 2 Preview"
by Anand Rajaram — May 24
I have had the older version of DL for a few months now... it is a remarkable piece of software, it does everything I would expect in a cataloging app and more...

A few "enhancements" i might suggest for the next generation of the app:

- support for an online "delicious community" - one comprised of DL users who want to swap DVDs or books, who want to sell used DVDs that they no longer need...

- a wish list feature... may be one that keeps track of new releases and forthcoming releases or import an entire list of movies based on user preferences of genre/actors/directors...

- support for multi-dimensional sorting - example: sort movies by actor/year/title...

- store the URL to the movie trailers

- enable multiple tags in series - a movie that has George Clooney and Brad Pitt (and quite a few of them out there) should be tagged as belonging to the "Clooney" series as well as the "Pitt" series.

Hope to see these features in a subsequent release! Good luck with DL 2.0, I will be one of your early customers for sure!
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