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Comment on "CoreAnimation Sample Code: ArtGallery"
by ssp — Jun 02
Thanks for the additional comments Scott.

This problem kept turning me nuts and everything seemed to be fine with the code – as you say it's nice and simple.

After a lot of back and forth I decided to copy the code over to a new project and see what happens and it worked fine there. Further investigation revealed that for some reason all that happened was that the garbage collection setting for the compiler was set to not use garbage collection. No idea how that happened (I really don't touch those settings at all as I don't know my way around them and the defaults work just fine for me), perhaps some unfortunate glitch. Anyway that solved the problem!

Now that I have that sorted, I'm still not entirely happy with memory usage. I am displaying animated content in a CALayer (that is I'm updating the image in its contents, not just moving sublayers around) and doing this requires almost 100MB of RAM. I assume it happens because it takes a while for my old images to be garbage collected but with these amounts of memory, it'd seem preferable to just release them 'old school' style.

As I'm enjoying garbage collection otherwise I'm not keen on reverting to retain/release, but it's not clear to me how to release things manually exactly when I stop needing them (the NSGarbageCollector methods don't seem to improve my situation)

So if you can get someone to speak on the topic in you CocoaHeads show and make a video of it, that could be useful ;)
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