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Comment on "Photos from CocoaHeads WWDC 2008"
by Jane — Jun 30
Scott, Andy: oh shoot, I completely forgot about the attendee-only aspect. I originally thought of it because pretty much anywhere at moscone west could have comfortably fit all the people who showed up plus more, while if you weren't within 10 feet of the screen at the apple store it was hard if not impossible to figure out what was going on.

Perhaps adding on to Andy's suggestion of video if it were possible to have something like a WWDC lunchtime session (with no budget, and if they were just as accommodating as retail) something like live streaming video to/from the apple store? Or even the other way around. Seemed like a lot if not most of the people there for cocoaheads were wwdc attendees to begin with.

Buuuut, it's just an idea. Like I said, a bunch of us left for dinner (from where we were standing, you could barely hear anything), and I know some that didn't even bother going because of the crowd. It would be nice to have a larger venue somehow :)
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