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by Scott Stevenson — Sep 01
@petekaz: What tools do you utilize to build icons? The icon is beautiful.

I'm not really an icon expert at all, but I used Photoshop and Illustrator in this case. I think this is the case for most professional icon artists. In fact, many design at much larger sizes -- 2048x2048, for example -- and scale down elements or the whole image as necessary. You're never sure when your icon might have to show up on a billboard or something.

Whether you're making an icon, a poster, or a book cover, you're still just designing graphics. Photoshop and Illustrator are far and away the leaders in 2D graphics design, regardless of the context.

Do you have any recommendations in terms of improving one's design skills?

This is a question I get a lot. As much as I wish I could give a one-line answer, it's tricky because it's so open-ended. It really depends on what your goal is.

One thing you can look at is the video from the UI Design Essentials session we did at CocoaHeads, which was aimed at programmers with that exact question.
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