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Comment on "Delicious Library 2 Preview"
by gabe — Oct 03
so, i heard all this hoopla about DL... i bought it the other day... i must say, i was quite delighted to scan books pretty quickly... but after doing a couple shelves worth with about 25% of them not working, not to mention older titles often not having cover images on amazon, not to mention some titles which have been published a million times by every publishing house imaginable, i started to wonder, what the hell is this for?

i add my coffee maker, my vacuum, some harddrives, my iphone, my ipods, but all of those i did manually... lots of stuff i have i didn't buy at amazon... or they don't sell... so it was kind of annoying basically...

then, i was looking at the iTunes stuff and pretty much none of the cover art shows up... and i can't just drag a cover image on to the "CD" on the shelf like i could with all the library items... that blows...

anyway, i know if my house burns down, this could come in handy... but, what exactly did i buy this for? i guess i don't really get it anymore... and the barcode scanner oohs and aahs have gone away...
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