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Comment on "CoreAnimation Sample Code: ArtGallery 1.0.1"
by Petr Mifek — Dec 02
Hi Scott, good work! Thanks.

@Chris Ryland: There's some funny glitch after a color/B&W transition where the animation stops but then the picture snaps into its final resting appearance

The glitch is there because of the used inputShadingImage (the file Ripple.tiff in the archive) - the animation is masked with the value of the mask defined in right the centre of that image just before it stops. So had the Ripple.tiff full transparency in the middle of itself, the glitch would disappear.

The shading image is mapped on the ripple's circular waves from the center out to the corners and back in a circular manner and eventually stops with the value in the center of that shading image.
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