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Comment on "First Look at iWeb 1.0"
by Scott Stevenson — Jan 17
I would like to ask one question, does iWeb let you export to files as opposed to .mac only?

No, you can export to a folder and upload the folder, but there are a few limitations. The main one is that the cool slideshow stuff doesn't work. I'm guessing this because it's dependent on the dynamic HTTP requests (Ajax stuff).

Using divs instead of paragraphs? Not just ugly, totally wrong

Does it only generate DIVs? I haven't looked. In any case, there really isn't much difference at the rendering level between a P and a DIV. They're both fairly generic block-level elements. The only difference is P has some inherent styling and maybe some screen readers expect to see it (even thought they shouldn't).

There aren't even any headings.

iWeb is built around the idea of resizable text boxes, which is not really what the H1-H7 tags do. Text boxes are really a lot more friendly to the creator of the page.

I'm not sure why you put so much emphasis on the common HTML tags -- there's nothing important or special about them. It just so happens that they have some de-facto styling properties. In fact, there's not much need for them when using a custom layout tool.

You're not violating any HTML spec by choosing to use generic tags (divs, spans) with custom styling. In fact, I encourage this if it fits the bill better. No sense in trying to wedge your design into tags that don't really fit your needs.

As for the overall quality of iWeb CSS and HTML output, it's a bit verbose but much better than what I've seen from other tools in the past. It at least seems to be well-formed (though I haven't run tests yet).
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