Subtle Change on iPod nano Pages

Apple made a subtle adjustment to its product page typography for the iPod nano, which makes the text easier to read. There's a slightly higher line-height value, giving each line a bit more room to breathe.

The screenshot below shows the iPod nano page on the left and the PowerBook page on the right.

And no, I don't run diffs on every single page. This one jumped right out at me.
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Subtle Change on iPod nano Pages
Posted Sep 7, 2005 — 7 comments below


Ben — Sep 07, 05 375

What's an iPod nano?

Ben — Sep 07, 05 376

I take that back. I've now looked at the iPod website. wow I am impressed! Sorry.

Brian Andersen — Sep 08, 05 379

Well spotted - line-height is probably one of the best things you can do to enchance online reading.

Also, just ordered a black 4gb model, fuck they look cool :D

justforyou — Sep 08, 05 380

sp: breathe, not breath.

Scott Stevenson — Sep 08, 05 383 Scotty the Leopard

Picki, picki. Fixed.

Abhi Beckert — Sep 08, 05 384

The went a bit overboard IMHO... Space between lines is excellent, but that's too much.

Tim Germer — Sep 09, 05 387

I like the new line-height: slows me down, and I tend to concentrate on each word a little longer. When the text is closer together, my eyes tend to jump, in "summarize"-like fashion.


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