Visible Change in iTunes 6

There was an easily-missed but somewhat significant cosmetic change (at least to design folks) in iTunes 6. I meant to mention it earlier, and somebody else has probably posted about it by now. Just in case, though, here are are iTunes 5 and 6, side-by-side.

iTunes 6:

iTunes 5:

The sheen is gone. I like it better without, personally.
Design Element
Visible Change in iTunes 6
Posted Oct 27, 2005 — 7 comments below


Jesper — Oct 27, 05 463

I like the subtly lighter tone of 6, but I also liked the sheen - let's hope for both in a combined iTunes 7 at MWSF, shall we? ;)

Nice new layout, by the way.

Chris Grande — Oct 27, 05 465

They also fixed the jagged edges that plagued the iTunes 5 corners, they are all smooth now.

Samo Korosec — Oct 28, 05 470

Wow, maybe with all the money they are making they rehired a competent art director for their UI creation team? ;o)

Now let's just hope someone kills brushed metal for good (I don't mind a darker aqua variation, though, since it helps me keep the Finder and other windows apart).

Scott Stevenson — Oct 28, 05 474 Scotty the Leopard

Brushed metal seems to be slowly inching out. I'm fine with the look in iTunes 6. I never had a problem with "metalic," I just didn't find the particular high-contrast texture very convincing -- especially when there was a lot of negative space filled with nothing but texture.

Nick Matsakis — Oct 30, 05 480

Of course it's gone. Apple is worried it will get scratched too easily and they'll be faced with another lawsuit.

Andrew Boardman — Oct 23, 06 2155

I noticed the sheen was gone, too, and I'm glad. I'm 90 percent sure that this version of iTunes is where Safari and every other Apple app will be in six months. Apple has some new design chops going on, imho.

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