Yahoo Buys

This is very troubling. I love but I very rarely like anything that Yahoo comes up with. They just don't get user experience. Flickr still seems to be intact, but big companies like Yahoo have a way of wreaking havoc on very focused, tightly tuned sites like these. Google is a bit of an exception. Too bad they didn't buy
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Yahoo Buys
Posted Dec 13, 2005 — 7 comments below


Dan Price — Dec 14, 05 609

Give it time. I wouldn't be surprised if Google bought Yahoo! tomorrow.

SeoxyS — Dec 14, 05 610

Don't want to seem stupid, but what is

Scott Stevenson — Dec 14, 05 611 Scotty the Leopard

This site here, although it appears to be slightly unavailable at the moment. It's a social bookmarking site where people can share links using tags. Similar in concept to Flickr.

Jo — Dec 16, 05 612

A lesser-known social bookmarking website (which is pretty well designed) is!

Andrew — Dec 17, 05 613


They seem to be hiring some really smart people now and are really making some inroads into understanding this whole 'social web' thing. I wouldn't be suprised if we start seeing some real changes for the better at Yahoo!. That's good for`

By the way, I have no affilation with the Y! people. Just my observations.

Andrew — Dec 17, 05 614

Sorry, that 'smart people' link should be Not .com.

zapbhme — Jul 22, 07 4539


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