MemoryMiner at Macworld

John Fox is unveiling his DataCrux-based app, MemoryMiner at Macworld (Booth 113). This is a pretty big deal because John took the base of what I wrote and added all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. Here's a description of MemoryMiner:

MemoryMiner is a brand new application that represents the first step towards a long term goal: the creation of the world's most extensive network of first-person accounts of modern society and culture. Like all big ideas, it starts with a simple premise and a mass appeal for participation. MemoryMiner is an application used to organize and share digital media using a simple, yet powerful metaphor, namely "People, Places and Time."

The web site has a screen cast which provides a much more hands-on demonstration. It's not obvious from the text, but photos are a big part of the application. Worth checking out
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MemoryMiner at Macworld
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Eaten Alive — Jan 10, 06 642

This looks really awesome. I have many photos that I am about to scan, and this application looks like a perfect fit.

David Allison — Jan 10, 06 643

Hi Scott - Since you decided to not release DataCruxWeb a while back, I started looking for alternatives, and I came across Cake ( I thought you might be interested in checking it out. I built a CMS app on top of it pretty easily, and it's running on several sites now.



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