Odds and Ends for Jan 24

It's time to take care of a few things that don't really need individual posts. First up, Disney Japan has a trailer for Cars with different shots, more characters and different music than its U.S. counterpart. It's not very long, but the movie itself is still a ways off. Unless, of course, you're actually working on the movie -- in which case the release date seems like tomorrow.

It turns out John Fox's MemoryMiner received a "Best of Show" award at Macworld!

I might be the last one to realize it, but but Google Earth came out for the Mac on the first day of Macworld. I haven't done any scientific tests, but the rendering quality seems better overall than the Windows version I've been using. Unfortunately, the UI feels like an odd mix of Mac OS 10.0, Mac OS 9 and Windows. That said, the app is fast and it works.

ArtRage, which is an absolutely brilliant natural media app, just hit 2.0. I highly recommend it, particularly given that it looks like they've fixed the tablet issues that were present in 1.1. The free version alone is quite capable but you can get all the features for $20. Compare that to Corel's Painter for $99.

One more late entry: Dan Pourhadi's writeup on iWeb is genius.
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Odds and Ends for Jan 24
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Josh Anon — Jan 26, 06 698

heh, actually, the release date seems a long ways off to me too!


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