Aperture2iLife: Use Aperture Projects in iLife

Lightbox Software has released Aperture2iLife, which is a huge timesaver for Aperture users. The gist is that you launch the app and select an Aperture project that you'd like to use in iLife and iWork applications. Click Start and you're off to the races. Just keep the app running and launch your iLife or iWork apps: iDVD, Keynote, iWeb, and so on.

The site has a diagram that makes the whole process more clear, but it's really not nearly as hard as putting a watch on. The one footnote here is that iPhoto can mess with the bridge, so make sure it's not running when you're using Aperture2iLife.

Josh talks briefly about the app here.
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Aperture2iLife: Use Aperture Projects in iLife
Posted Jan 30, 2006 — 1 comments below


Jens Kristian Jensen — May 20, 06 1300

I found this utility a few days ago, but it is not quite what I want. Also, I don't quite want to spend $20 on such a little program, but maybe I'll have to unless I fail to find something better or have too little time to do it myself.

What I thought of was a script or something that parses the Aperture library and builds the XML iPhoto library file from it. If possible, it could have the image files refer to the ones inside the Aperture library and if this is not possible it could make symlinks to from the iPhoto library to the Aperture library. Anyone know if such a thing exist or knows the inside of the iPhoto XML library?

Please also comment on my blog regarding this:


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