Actual Face Time with Hi-Fi

When I went in to pickup my MacBook Pro, I took a minute to stop and look at the iPod Hi-Fi unit. After the initial announcement, I didn't have any feeling about the device one way or another. There wasn't anything wrong with it, per say, but it just didn't seem like something for me.

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to buy one, but this thing is much smaller in person than it looks on the web. From photos, it looks about size of a portable cooler. In reality, you could probably fit about four Hi-Fi units into a largish cooler.

The cover comes off very easily. I'm not sure this really matters beyond the fact that it's not the awkward, clunky behemoth that it appears to be. It is heavy, but once you accept the fact that a speaker has to be a certain size to put out a certain amount of volume, it's actually very reasonable.

This "the web ads 10 pounds" phenomenon might also explain why Apple didn't anticipate a coolish introduction on the web. In person, the size to sound ratio is actually impressive.
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Actual Face Time with Hi-Fi
Posted Mar 24, 2006 — 2 comments below


Preston — Mar 25, 06 977

This is why the blog coverage was so frustrating. They'd complain about the size, but a simple trip to the Apple page that contained shots of the unit on living room shelves showed that the thing was only slightly taller than, say, a Nintendo Gamecube.

Rick Russie — Apr 07, 06 1066

Initially from the web pictures I thought it was ugly, but was eager to hear it. When I actually saw the real thing my feelings were reversed; I thought it looked really cool, and sounded absolutely terrible.


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