Initial WWDC 2006 Session Descriptions Posted

Apple has posted descriptions for a little more than half of the expected 130 sessions for WWDC 2006. Even without any talk of Leopard or other unannounced sesssions, we're getting off to a promising start. Here are my favorites thus far:

Advanced WebKit Integration
Beyond Buttons and Sliders: Complex Controls in Cocoa
Casting with the .Mac SDK
Core Data Model Versioning and Data Migration
Optimizing Core Data Applications
Practical Design Patterns for Cocoa
Using Intel Software Development Products for Mac OS X

Most of these sessions fill in gaps for in-depth topics. I'm really encouraged by the versioning and optimizing sessions for Core Data. The later is something that I mentioned over and over again to Apple folks. Also interesting that there's only one Carbon session listed so far, which is the feedback forum.
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Initial WWDC 2006 Session Descriptions Posted
Posted May 9, 2006 — 6 comments below


Jesper — May 09, 06 1193

Two of the most intriguing ones in my eyes are also adjacent in the session list:

Web Kit's Open Source Anniversary and WebObjects and Web 2.0. From what I've heard, almost nothing happened with WO last year, so any mention is notable now. And of course WebKit's interesting, because not only has it been a year and a bunch of committers have already been brought to WWDC on Apple's dime, but so much has happened with WebKit in the latest year.

viperteq — May 09, 06 1194

Having written my very first app for OS X using AppleScript and the AppleScript Studio inside of Xcode, I'm really looking forwward to the track session on AppleScript Studio. That Apple is still committed to it despite Cocoa/Obj-C popularity is amazing. I can't wait to see what else is in store.....

Scott Stevenson — May 09, 06 1195 Scotty the Leopard

WebObjects and Web 2.0

There might be some new developments here, but it also might be integration of existing community code. Doesn't Project Wonder do ajax?

lone — May 09, 06 1197

Very interesting: the Mac OS X State of the Union session description is unsettingly blank. Wha...? [Leopard speculation begins]

Mike Abdullah — May 09, 06 1198

Yes, Applescript Studio is defintely a good thing. Whilst I write mainly in Cocoa now, Studio is incredibly handy when working on an Applescript tool that needs to be a given a slightly more advanced interface.

Ken — May 10, 06 1201

<em>WebObjects and Web 2.0</em>
Yep, this is really cool if its what I think it is.


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