Mac Apps for August 5

Doodim darkens background applications (and the desktop) to make it easier to focus on the foreground app.

Shiira 2.0 is a new version of the WebKit-based browser that does all sorts of fancy stuff. Not available just yet, but looks very promising. The first non-Safari browser that has truly sparked my interest.

Lineform is a new vector-based design tool.

WouldjaDraw is another promising vector-based design tool.

(I think I probably heard about one or both vector apps from Daring Fireball)

Wallet keeps track of all sorts of serial numbers, passwords, screen names, and so on. 448-bit strength encryption good enough for ya?. I think the author correctly identified the main hesitation in using an app like this. Trust:

Wallet uses military-strength 448-bit Blowfish encryption to secure your most important data. You can feel safe knowing that absolutely nobody will be able to access your Wallet database without the correct password, in or out of the Wallet application.

Wallet includes extra security features to make sure your data is always secure. One of the newest features is Quick-Lock. At the push of a button, Wallet will securely lock itself to any wandering intruders. Use it whenever you leave your desk or Mac! Some of the other options include the ability to clear the clipboard when you quit, automatically lock Wallet after a certain period of time, or even when your Mac goes to sleep. There's even a built-in password assistant to help you choose a password that will be completely undiscoverable.

BuildFactory helps you manage the build side of development, or simply track updates for open source projects that are distributed via respositories.

iShowU looks like a great, simple way to create screencasts with the most important options easily accessible. How can you not love a developer named Shiny White Box?

Filegazer gives you a way to dig through your hard drive and see file contents (not just previews) without actually launching the applications.

Does everyone know about HexFiend? A modern, robust hex editor by a guy who knows his stuff.

That's all for now.
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Mac Apps for August 5
Posted Aug 5, 2006 — 4 comments below


Ben Smith — Aug 05, 06 1498

Hello from England!
I'm looking into Cocoa development and whatnot for the Mac so I've been looking at all the books I can.
Plus I love all these dinky little apps just to play about with.

Good list!

Blake Seely — Aug 05, 06 1499

I noticed that one of Doodim's "known issues" is that it doesn't work on external monitors... which, I'm sure doesn't mean what it sounds like it means. Maybe they meant "secondary monitors".

Abhi Beckert — Aug 07, 06 1507

Wow! Shiira is looking really slick. OmniWeb better get off it's ass if it's to hold it's ground!

Dan Price — Aug 07, 06 1508

Lots of cool apps - I hope to add mine to that list soon :)

Greetings from another UK developer!


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