WWDC Has Started, Sort Of

Sitting in level one of Moscone West right now. Came down today to register, get the schedule and so on. The schedule sort of has this swiss cheese thing going on. There are a lot of unannounced sessions. My guess is everyone is going to rearrange their agenda after those get filled in.

There are a quite a few people here that also came down to register. One medium-size group of Japanese developers is sitting right across from me. I always try to imagine myself in their situation, trying to learn technical content via a translator. Yikes.

The bags this year are slim messenger-style bags. The last two years have been backpacks. The t-shirts read "Veni. Vidi. Codi." in plain black. All of this is public information, of course, because people are wandering all around San Francisco with it.

Also, the banner that circulated the rumor sites? It's not that big of a deal. It's sitting right here out in the open. Just a welcoming banner.

I'll be back soon.
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WWDC Has Started, Sort Of
Posted Aug 6, 2006 — 6 comments below


Allen Pike — Aug 06, 06 1500

I'm in level one of Moscone West right now too! You still here?

Some Other Guy — Aug 06, 06 1501

did you get one of those thermo-cans too? Because a friend of mine did, but I didn't... it's weird.

Some Other Guy — Aug 06, 06 1502

by thermo cans I mean thermo flask, of course...

Scott Stevenson — Aug 06, 06 1503 Scotty the Leopard

did you get one of those thermo-cans too?

Yes, indeed.

Some Other Guy — Aug 06, 06 1504

hm, that's really weird.. Do you know why I, for example, didn't get one? I'd die to get one of those, they look so great... Do you think I can get one tomorrow before or after the keynote adress? Thank you so much!

Lucien — Aug 07, 06 1505

I'd go back to the registration desk tomorrow morning and tell them you didn't get one.. hopefully they have a few extra.


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