WWDC 2006: Waiting for the Keynote

So here I am, sitting on the ground of level two of Moscone West. It's 8:30am and we're all just waiting for the keynote. Not much to talk about just yet. There are a lot of people here. Based on the way they're wrapping the line around the second floor, it might be a very big crowd. Hard to say for sure.

By the way, the WWDC bag has an interesting feature: it perfectly (and I mean perfectly) fits a Nintendo DS and its charger:

Coincidence? You decide.

More soon.
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WWDC 2006: Waiting for the Keynote
Posted Aug 7, 2006 — 2 comments below


Ross — Aug 07, 06 1509

You're teasing. No fair.
Have a great WWDC :)

Zac White — Aug 07, 06 1510

Hey, I'm in line too...


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