WWDC 2006: Monday Wrap-Up

Monday was focused on the keynote and the "state of the union" presentations. Like most people, I went to the Mac OS X, Development Tools and Graphics state of the unions. The night ended with a reception in the main hall.

The reception really drove home how much bigger this WWDC is than the past years. Once everyone poured onto the second level, it was standing room only. Josh mentioned how there were lines just trying to get up the escalators. The sessions are simply packed.

It'll be interesting to see how all of these people will fit into the main quad at the Apple campus in a couple of days.
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WWDC 2006: Monday Wrap-Up
Posted Aug 8, 2006 — 3 comments below


lookmark — Aug 09, 06 1533

And how the state of the union, pray tell?

Scott Stevenson — Aug 09, 06 1534 Scotty the Leopard

And how the state of the union, pray tell?


George — Aug 09, 06 1535

I hope you continue these posts throughout the week. Gives those of us who couldn't make it a little bit of the experience. :)


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