WWDC 2006: Thursday Wrap-Up

So I know I'm a bit late on this, but I want to complete the series. On Thursday I went to a session about the Mac OS X Installer and one on refactoring with Xcode. This page talks about refactoring very briefly, mentioning the fact that Interface Builder can participate in the process.

Thursday night was the Campus Bash, which was even bigger than last year. About a bazillion buses took everyone down to Cupertino to play in the main quad. There was no live band this year, just a DJ. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. This is also where the WebKitten thing was born (see the comments). The line to the company store was absurdly long.
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WWDC 2006: Thursday Wrap-Up
Posted Aug 13, 2006 — 4 comments below


Blake Seely — Aug 13, 06 1605

Not just "a DJ"... BT! BT is definitely a big name, although I think he's an interesting choice for a WWDC event. I think people who know who he is were impressed, but people who didn't were pretty indifferent.

Scott Stevenson — Aug 13, 06 1606 Scotty the Leopard

BT! BT is definitely a big name, although I think he's an interesting choice for a WWDC event

Ah. I'm pretty sure he was featured in the demo video of one of the last PowerBook models.

How to describe the DJ — Aug 14, 06 1608

Want to know what the DJ was like? Here's how.

Make your right hand into a fist. Hit your chest firmly about every three quarters of second, just hard enough to be annoying. Repeat this for 3 hours.

It's not like a have a problem with the genre of music he might have been playing, but that was the sound/feeling that was echoing throughout the quad.

I spent most of my time as far away from stage as possible.

Michael James — Aug 14, 06 1609

I was in that long line for about 95% of the campus bash.

The ironic thing about it all is that in previous years, I've found the campus bash (apart from the company store and the access to Apple employees) pretty bland. I'm not trying to take away anyone else's good time (because people definitely do have a good time there), but:

1. I don't drink (the campus beer bash is all about the alcohol as far as refreshments are concerned) and

2. I don't care much for rock music (or any music that is mostly guitar). In my musical tastes, the guitar just doesn't do it for me as the premier instrument. Sorry.

So for me in previous years, the campus bash is me being the only one of age without a beer in his hand (not a problem) and getting more annoyed by the blaring guitar of some rock band like the Wallflowers.

I figured standing in that long line to the company store wasn't so bad after all, until I heard the music (and could tell that it definitely wasn't rock). I heard from other people that it was "just a DJ." I personally love techno and I thought a DJ was a welcome change of pace. It wasn't until I finally got into the quad that I hear someone announce: "Let's hear it for BT!" D'oh! If I had heard some of his signature tracks like Flaming June or Movement in Still Life, I would have picked up on it and jumped out of line to see those songs played live.

Oh well, I'm just glad that Apple is willing to switch things up. It makes going to events like the campus bash more worthwhile and exciting.


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