StarFox Command for Nintendo DS

I've only played the first several levels of StarFox Command for Nintendo DS, but I'm already somewhat addicted. The biggest psychological barrier to get past is playing a flight combat game with a stylus. For the first several minutes it does feel pretty strange, but it's amazing how quickly things feel right.

As much as this might seem messing with a scheme that works (the directional pad), this stylus approach actually does feel fresh. It's not just because it's different, but because there's actually a level of control that you can't get with just pressing down on the directional pad. For me, the precision is better than an analog stick.

The graphics are among the best on the DS, but it's not the point, of course. You own a Nintendo DS because you like games that are fun to play. The flight combat in StarFox is addictively fun. The experience is fluid and the goals are clear.

There's something of a strategic element to the game. You have to complete each map in a certain number of turns, and you get an opportunity to place your individuals ships at key locations. It's a fine addition, but I'd be just as happy selecting preset starting points as in previous StarFox games.

So that's basically it: flight combat with a touch of strategy. It's fun and it's highly portable. If you like StarFox and you are willing to try a slightly different control style, this is probably your thing.
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StarFox Command for Nintendo DS
Posted Aug 30, 2006 — 9 comments below


Aaron Tait — Aug 30, 06 1658

Sounds like something I'll have to waist precious student loan money on :-)

Trevor Fancher — Aug 30, 06 1659

I bit on your Super Mario Brothers DS game suggestions and absolutely loved it so hopefully I will like StarFox Command just as well!

I'd like to hear about all the DS games you enjoy.

Justin Blanton — Aug 30, 06 1660

I'm picking up my copy today -- can't wait!

Scott Stevenson — Aug 30, 06 1662 Scotty the Leopard

hopefully I will like StarFox Command just as well

The appeal of this game probably isn't quite as universal, but I do like it.

Steve-o — Aug 30, 06 1663

I've been wondering about this one... IGN wasn't blown away. If I see it today when at Target, I'll probably get it... otherwise I might wait and rent it.

Scott Stevenson — Aug 30, 06 1664 Scotty the Leopard

I've been wondering about this one...

It looks like IGN more or less came to the same conclusions I did: it's fun and the controls offer a surprising level of precision.

filipp — Aug 31, 06 1673

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
I was a pretty big fan of StarFox back in the SNES days (I actually finished it with all the alternate endings).

Ooh, and it's available for preorder on UK Amazon... there goes the social life... again.

Trevor Fancher — Sep 06, 06 1746

I finally went and bought Start Fox Command and I loved it. That is, after I got used to the controls. You were right about them being weird at first.

I beat the linear part the first day and I am now working on beating it from all the different branch points in order to see all the endings. So far I have seen two and they are great. :)

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