So I Need Your Help

Sometimes things happens in life that rush to the front of your consciousness, making everything else seems trivial. It might be a birth, a death, or meeting somebody really special.

It's humbling to have your priorities reset and become fully vulnerable. Any ideas of what people think, your image and accomplishments are stripped, leaving only the real you. For me, this is one of those times, and this is where you come in.

I'm not religious in any real sense, but my personal belief is that if enough people focus their energy and thoughts on the same thing, amazing things can happen. You are one of thousands of people reading this. If anything I've written has helped you, you have an opportunity to return the favor a bit.

What I'm asking is for you to send me your good thoughts, your good energy. If you want to call it prayer, so be it. Meditation, visualization, whatever you're in to. If this isn't your sort of thing at all, consider temporarily suspending your skepticism, stretch your mind a bit, and believe this does work as a favor.

I, of course, care about all of my friends and family, but there are a few people I feel like I'm truly deeply connected with. People that I believe I was intended to meet from the beginning. If you've been lucky enough to meet someone like this, you know exactly what I mean.

It's those people that make sense to me and help me to focus myself, and one of them -- in many ways, the most important one -- is missing from my life right now.

I'm asking you to put your thoughts on me reconnecting with that person.

Knowing who it is or what's going on right now doesn't matter. It's just the thought of reconnecting that matters. It's not easy for me to put myself on the line and talk about this to anyone, let alone thousands of someones.

Thanks for your help.
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So I Need Your Help
Posted Sep 26, 2006 — 39 comments below


Daniel Lyons — Sep 26, 06 1853

Did you know it's the 10 days of atonement between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in the Jewish faith? So there are powerful forces at work at this time, culminating on Monday.

You will be in my prayers, and I hope your connection is restored.

SteveJ — Sep 26, 06 1854

Hey Scott,

Whatever is going on, you will get through it.
You have lots of friends and you can count me as one of them.

If you need some good thoughts, I'll send plenty from New Hampshire.

Let me know if you need more help.


Daniel Jalkut — Sep 26, 06 1855

I'll do it.

A reader — Sep 26, 06 1856

"May the face of every good news and the back of every bad news be toward us."

Irish proverb

Donald Hays — Sep 26, 06 1857

It is a strange thing that your post should so perfectly capture how I feel today. It is almost as though it is something that I would write, except for the fact that my blog doesn't have nearly as many readers as yours.

While your writing was vague enough that my situation could very well be entirely different from yours, I think I can relate to how you're feeling.

I'll certainly say a prayer for you.

Daniel Jalkut — Sep 26, 06 1858

I'll do it.

Sam D — Sep 27, 06 1859

Thoughts from the desert are headed your way.

David — Sep 27, 06 1860

Hi Scott - I don't know you but I've been reading your blog for quite a long time. I'll definitely pray for you.

Matt Gallagher — Sep 27, 06 1861

I mostly send good wishes via a toast: to Scott may he connect with that which he desires, and may he desire that with which he connects.

Preston — Sep 27, 06 1862


You got it, buddy.

Matt Todd — Sep 27, 06 1863

May disparate piecse be melded and bound together again, creating a whole which has, but for a while, separated. Let the seams which have changed ever so slightly or ever so drastically, find a perfect fit yet once more. Let the winds blow hard to give fresh air and confidence in a responding surge, a resonant gust of zealous return. Let inner and extant concord meet you both on the horizon. May the links be strengthened.

Jeroen Leenarts — Sep 27, 06 1864

Someone from the Netherlands tuning into this broadcast too.

While making a face like I'm about to poo:
"Think happy thought."

Good luck to you.

volker — Sep 27, 06 1865

and even thoughts for you from germany


Dan Price — Sep 27, 06 1866

Agreed. Good luck.

Andrew — Sep 27, 06 1867

Good luck matey, I hope it all works out. Perhaps you've inadvertently stumbled across an idea for an Xgrid application. The goodwill machine.

David — Sep 27, 06 1868

I'm not a religious man either, but I think I know what you're going through. I'm on your side, man.

kusmi — Sep 27, 06 1869

I have been reading your blog since long time and so are my thought with you. I wish you all the best and be assured, we will never let you down.

best wishes from Switzerland

kaveman — Sep 27, 06 1870

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

gutta — Sep 27, 06 1871

May the face of every good news and the back of every bad news be toward us.

It's not an Irish Proverb that I've ever heard (I'm Irish), so here's a genuine one:

Go n'eirí an bóthar leat...

Anyway Scott, good luck with your tials and tribulations although this collective consciousness thing is a heap of mumbo jumbo.


Jan — Sep 27, 06 1872

There is always a bright side that just needs to be discovered.

Good luck!

I am with you, more best wishes from Germany,

P.S. Maybe Nokia can help out - they are konwn for connecting people.

No one really — Sep 27, 06 1873

I am going through a difficult time now, getting divorced having children.

It is very easy to judge the past, it is very easy to want past opportunities again, but at the end of the day all we have is the future to dream about.

Grady — Sep 27, 06 1874

You've got my thoughts on your side -- thanks for all you've done (for free!) for me.

Keith Duncan — Sep 27, 06 1875

Good thoughts on their way from Scotland!

Pat Garner — Sep 27, 06 1876

You have all my sincerly best wishes and all the positive energy I can send your way Scott. I know it's not easy, but try not to worry and just believe that everything is going to work out.

Adrian Cooke — Sep 27, 06 1877

I hope it works out Scott.

Ciarn Rowe — Sep 27, 06 1878

I tip my hat to the man who can say what he feels. Only I hate wearing hats. Hope all goes well in your reconnection.

Gavin — Sep 27, 06 1879


Erik — Sep 27, 06 1880


Alex Payne — Sep 27, 06 1881

I wish you the best of luck.

Adrian — Sep 27, 06 1882

Hang on and be strong, we'll be all praying for you.

Michal — Sep 27, 06 1883

Thank you from Germany for all you do.
Wish your dreams come true.

Sam Warmuth — Sep 27, 06 1884

My prayers are with you. Good Luck.

Ryan Moniz — Sep 28, 06 1885

Thank you for everything. I hope everything will work out for you.

MPA — Sep 28, 06 1889

Reading this and seeing all those positive replies creates such good vibes...if ya know what i mean. I thought of your request while reading all those good wishes people from all over the world have been and still are sending your way.

May you feel God's hand around you like a comforting blanket in the cold.

Best wishes from Berlin.Germany,


Stripes — Sep 28, 06 1890

Scott, I don't know what it is you need, but I sure hope you get it.

chris — Sep 29, 06 1911

I know your name since 2:245/8 , read a lot of good articles by you and send you all the best wishes in return. There's a candle burning for you and your family tonight in my house.


kamelito — Sep 30, 06 1913

Merci Scott pour ton blog entre autres choses..., une petite pensée pour toi de France.

Portes toi bien.

Nimi — Oct 01, 06 1914

Hi Scott,

Your articles are pleasant to read and they were a source of encouragement to me more than once. Thank you.

Good thoughts from the Galilee are coming your way. I hope you soon find what you seek.

Shana Tova!

Anton — Oct 02, 06 1915

I just sent a message to someone I love very much, who is going in for frightening and unexpected surgery on Monday. My letter spoke to some of what you alluded to in your post.

In my closest circle we call it "white light." This sentiment falls outside of any and all religious or spiritual context. In my own life it is the expression of the power and energy that suffuses all things.

It is yours.



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