Theocacao Stats for October 2006

Thanks to Google Analytics, I have some idea of who you guys are and what you're doing when you come to the site. Google's tool goes into a crazy amount of detail, but there are a few stats that people might find interesting.

Top Keyword Searches
These are, of course, the top search phrases that end people up on Theocacao. This web developer thing is the gift that keeps on giving. This also tells me that most people probably come in via links to specific places from other sites or the RSS feed, not random Google searches.

1. "not a professional web developer"
2. "a professional web developer"
3. imac core 2 duo review
4. not professional web developer
5. contenteditable firefox

Top Browsers
All platforms grouped by browser name. Does anyone know what number four is?

1. Safari     55.80%
2. Firefox    25.10%
3. IE          8.38%
4. "Mozilla Compatible Agent" 5.23%
5. Camino      3.05%

Operating Systems
All browsers, grouped by platform. Maybe a lot of people read the site from work?

1. Mac      74%
2. Windows  23%
3. Linux     2%

(Of the Mac group, 62% are PPC and 37% are Intel)

Browser + Operating System
Most popular combinations of browser and platform. Note that the overwhelming majority of Safari folks are on Tiger.

1. Safari on Tiger PPC      31.47%
2. Safari on Tiger Intel    19.36%
3. Firefox 1.5 on XP        10.60%
4. IE 6 on XP                6.46%
5. Firefox 1.5 on Mac PPC    3.53%

(Safari for Panther is down at number ten with 1.14%.)
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Theocacao Stats for October 2006
Posted Oct 14, 2006 — 5 comments below


JKritner — Oct 14, 06 2067

4. "Mozilla Compatible Agent" 5.23%

I've had a couple sites mistake NetNewsWire's builtin WebKit browser for a Mozilla based one. So it could be any number of Feed Readers and other WebKit enabled Apps contributing to the 5.23%

moksha — Oct 14, 06 2069

Wow! If you were some XP-tooting blogger and the results showed Windows dominance, I'm sure you'd use it as a sign that the Mac has a lower market share than people thought. You sure you don't want to spread FUD?

Rob — Oct 14, 06 2072

Oh NO !!! Firefox on Panther THAT'S ME !!!!!!

"5. Firefox 1.5 on Mac PPC 3.53%

(Safari for Panther is down at number ten with 1.14%.)"

How much Leopard did you get ???

Scott Stevenson — Oct 14, 06 2075 Scotty the Leopard

How much Leopard did you get?

Around two percent.

Dan Price — Oct 15, 06 2077

'Not professional web developer' LOL.

Man, you've got to get you're own back on Flaming Fireball.


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