Cocoa Dev Central in MacTalk Magazine

MacTalk is running a portion of the Build a Core Data App tutorial in their October issue. This is a brand new Mac magazine being distributed around Australia.

Here's a photo of the cover:

MacTalk Cover

And here's the article itself:

Core Data article in MacTalk

The MacTalk site has a list of places you can get the magazine, or if you're out of the area you can also just download the PDF.

Now, all that said, I need to explain that I didn't get a chance to edit the article before it was published. It ends a bit abruptly, but I'm told they're going to continue it in the next issue.

It's also a bit hard to read because the text had to be condensed to fit on two pages. Compared to the web version, there are far fewer paragraph breaks and such. Given the chance, I'd go in and strip a bunch of stuff out.

But it's a brand new magazine, so they're still figuring some things out. Spread the word, tell Australian retailers you'd like them to carry it. Help them get going.
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Cocoa Dev Central in MacTalk Magazine
Posted Nov 7, 2006 — 1 comments below


Kool — Nov 07, 06 2318

Good luck! I know how difficult it is to start a new magazine. Unfortunately the attempt to launch MacFreak magazine in the Netherlands failed. It sure is no small feat to attempt this. Well, what helps them surely is that they have a much more experienced person writing the programming section! :-)


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