Use Transmit for iDisk

I just noticed that Transmit will connect to your iDisk volume without any configuration at all. Transmit seems to be able to negotiate the connection more quickly than the Finder, but that's not the most important point.

Even if the speed is more or less the same, connecting to iDisk via the Finder tends to be risky at times because if the connection fails, you may not hear from the Finder again for a while.

Do this:

iDisk in Transmit

To get this:

iDisk Listing in Transmit

So there you go.
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Use Transmit for iDisk
Posted Nov 10, 2006 — 2 comments below


Leo M III — Nov 01, 07 4933

Very useful tip. Thanks.

Joseph — Apr 09, 08 5711

Thanks, knew it would do it, couldn't remember how ;)


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