Helpful Addition to ABPerson

I hope I beat everyone else to the punchline (see here for reference). The original version of the code I posted didn't actually, you know... work. I spent a ridiculous amount of debugging it (labels are not identifiers!). Maybe this will actually help somebody who's building MotherFinder 1.0.

@interface ABPerson (CanIBuyAVowel)
- (id)yoMomma;

@implementation ABPerson (CanIBuyAVowel)
- (id)yoMomma
  ABMultiValue * relatives;
  relatives = [self valueForProperty:kABRelatedNamesProperty];

  int i, count = [relatives count];
  NSString * label  = nil;
  NSString * mother = nil;

  for ( i = 0; i < count; i ++ )
    label = [relatives labelAtIndex:i];
    if ([label isEqualToString:kABMotherLabel])
      mother = [relatives valueAtIndex:i];

  return mother;

By the way, I like the signature for setMe in ABAddressBook.h.

- (void)setMe:(ABPerson *)moi;
    // Sets "Me" to moi.
    // Pass nil to clear "Me"

If somebody does decide to make MotherFinder, please adorn the UI with some useless doily eyecandy or something.
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Helpful Addition to ABPerson
Posted Nov 23, 2006 — 1 comments below


Chris Forsythe — Nov 27, 06 2493

I think I can actually use this code Scott, thanks for fleshing it out.



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