Disable Xcode Build Sound in TextMate

The Xcode bundle for TextMate offers some valuable tools, including the ability to import projects, run tests, add files to the current target, and so on. Most importantly, it allows you to compile using the Xcode build system.

Xcode Bundle Items

If you've used this feature, you know a harp sound plays when the build is successful, and whistle sound plays when there's an error. This is generally fine, but can get a bit grating when you're making minor changes and rebuilding every thirty seconds. There's a simple solution.

TM_MUTE Variable

Open Preferences > Advanced, choose the Shell Variables tab and add an entry for TM_MUTE with a value of 1 (this is described in the Help menu item in the Xcode bundle).

That's it.
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Disable Xcode Build Sound in TextMate
Posted Nov 26, 2006 — 1 comments below


Jeroen Leenarts — Nov 26, 06 2489

The help for the XCode.bundle does state setting the value '1'. But actually setting any value on TM_MUTE will do.


And see (Search for TM_MUTE):

Just trying to be precise. ;)


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