Cocoa and Mac Folks on Guitar

Gus Mueller found a USB adaptor for his guitar, recorded a sample of the results, and posted it. Guess what? He knows his stuff. Here's what I propose: all you Cocoa and Mac bloggers out there should post a recording of yourself playing guitar (or some other instrument). Here's mine.

It sounds like Gus has an acoustic/electric. I have a Martin without any sort of pickup, so there's no way to plug it directly in. At first, I decided to go the electric route and plug the Strat instead. I used a griffin iMic, which Gus alludes to in his post. Here's the result of that:

Electric Sample in GarageBand (2:09 / 2.02MB)

I spend a lot more time on acoustic, which you can probably hear in the above sample. Thinking that, I thought I might as well give the iMac's built-in mic a try. It wouldn't be suprising if it picked up too much background and internal computer noise to be useful, but I already had something to post so I wasn't losing anything.


It turns out the built-in mic is totally reasonable. It's not nearly the same as a professional mic in a sound booth, but it's enough that you can hear what's being played. This was done in one take and it's all improv, so there's a bit of meandering. You can also hear me changing the capo twice.

Acoustic Sample in GarageBand (2:39 / 2.42MB)

So get to it. Post your submissions here, at Gus's site, via Technorati, or whatever else you can come up with.

At this point it's worth noting that Kevin Callahan of Accessorizer fame is an expert classical guitarist.
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Cocoa and Mac Folks on Guitar
Posted Dec 23, 2006 — 8 comments below


Gus Mueller — Dec 23, 06 2839

Actually, I was playing a 60's reissue strat, with lace pickups :)

But you're still right right, I do have an electric acoustic guitar. And do you remember those little grey microphones that used to come with macs, shaped so they would site on top of your monitor? I recored this about 6 years ago using one of those: , probably using SoundEdit 16.

Hurrah for lo-tech.

Scott Siegling — Dec 23, 06 2840

Nice. What are the guitars used?

Scott — Dec 23, 06 2841

I meant specifically, you know, make and model numbers.

Chris Hanson — Dec 24, 06 2842

Drat, and me separated from my guitar by 1830 miles.

Adam — Dec 24, 06 2853

TRYING to fake/play some Randy R. Solo (Ozzy)...
I don't know

Using the builtin mike on a G5 iMac ( I usually code and play guitar, not at the same time, but the guitar is sometimes in my lap). Custom distorted guitar sound (which means I just cranked all the knobs to 10 via USB and Line6 Guitarport on the Mac computer, live Midi backing track (Quicktime). Guitar out of tune :-)

Sounds like it is in a Garage with a bunch of 16 year olds , but that sound can have its own certain charm :-)

Simon — Jan 05, 07 3061

I'm a Cocoa developer and I also write songs and play the guitar. I don't have a blog but check out a couple of my band's songs at or at our MySpace site: Recorded using Logic on a PowerMac G5 and a MacBook Pro when on the road. Guitars used include an Ovation Custom Elite, a Martin, a Tele Custom and a US Strat Deluxe. Guitar was recorded either DI with GuitarAmp Pro or a miced Vox AC30. Enjoy!


Scott Stevenson — Jan 06, 07 3070 Scotty the Leopard

I don't have a blog but check out a couple of my band's songs at or at our MySpace site:

Wow. This is the real deal. I love Apollo and the Duke, and listening to Wiretapping right now, which I'm digging too.

Simon — Jan 11, 07 3214

Really glad you like it, Scott.

If you want access to downloads of full versions of all the songs on our recently-completed album then drop me a line using our site's contact form ( If you include your email address then I'll get you the credentials to download the stuff from the site...

Cheers for the kind comment - spread the word!



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