Change in Schedule for Jan 11 CocoaHeads

Due to a scheduling conflict, we won't be able to host our special guest for the January 11 CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting. The most likely case is that we'll find another guest and move the event to the Apple Store in SF so that everyone has easier access to it. It's out of my hands. Don't blame the messenger.
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Change in Schedule for Jan 11 CocoaHeads
Posted Jan 7, 2007 — 6 comments below


John McLaughlin — Jan 07, 07 3084

Well that's good for me since I wasn't going to be able to drive down to cupertino but I will be in San Francisco...

Blain — Jan 07, 07 3085

And that's bad for me since I won't be going to Macworld, and won't be able to make it to San Francisco. Ah well. There's always next month.

Rob — Jan 08, 07 3092

So who was the surprise guest ???

Blain — Jan 08, 07 3103

In an effort to make the mac world a little larger, I bring you not rumors about Macs, not Mac gettogethers, but rumors about Mac gettogethers:

Kamelito suggested it was Woz, and Chuck added it might be Santa. Well, consider this:

1: The Cocoaheads redesign carries the phrase, "Everyone is Welcome", which was the phrase that was on

2: Woz is a jovial bearded man, who has given great things to many people. Santa is a jovial bearded man, who has given great things to many people.

3: Woz and Santa have never been photographed together.

Conclusion? Woz was going to be the guest of honor, and it would be revealed that yes, Woz really is Santa Claus.

Rob — Jan 08, 07 3111

I think it was the new Poke'mon characters as leopard is gaining Poke'mon butlers, EVERYTHING MUST MOVE WEST, either that or Tiger !!!

You see Jobs let Microsoft make a contribution just because they got so enthusiastic about Apple's popular and compelling OS -- and he felt sorry for them.

Microsoft BOB becomes retrofitted with Poke'mon !!!

Rob — Jan 08, 07 3112

Oh, I want to go on record as predicting that the new device from Apple, probably the iPad/phone, will have a case with light affects.

That is it will glow in some very attractive way as the default but is programmable to display info as the case will not just become an interface but a infoface !?!?!?!?!?

And Steve will announce that Apple has bought Sun, who will be the new developers of their development environments professional and consumer, KAHLUA will be a truly intoxicating IDE, and Sun will build server farms for Apple for iTunes.

Does Sun do wireless networks -- the network is the computer ???

กกก FOOBAR !!!


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