CocoaHeads at Apple Store SF Tonight at 8pm

Juan from Midnight Apps will be speaking at CocoaHeads tonight (Thursday, Jan 11) at 8pm. The meeting will be at the Apple Store in San Franisco, and Juan will be talking about the process of developing the new version of Cha-Ching.

The new version of Cha-Ching adds a number of interesting features. Some of them are:

- New Online Tab in Accounts
- QIF Import
- Bonjour Folder Sharing
- Printing of Transactions
- iPod Syncing

As always, the format has a bit about the app itself upfront for context, but the discussion will be around the development of the app. This should be interesting in the case of Cha-Ching because they've done a lot of work with custom views.


I would have mentioned this sooner, but a bunch of crazy things happened at the last minute. If you can make it down, we'd all really appreciate your support, and bring anyone else you can too. CocoaHeads is a great group and it's rare we meet in San Francisco. The store is a short walk from the Moscone Center.

Apple Store San Francisco Map

See you there.
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CocoaHeads at Apple Store SF Tonight at 8pm
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Dan Price — Jan 12, 07 3219

I sooooo wish I could come to these meets. Sadly, we have nothing like it in the UK. I only know a handful of devs in this country and even they're too far away :(


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