Serious Kudos to TUAW

I've been waiting for a chance to send the guys at The Unofficial Apple Weblog some thanks, but instead I'm just going to say it. TUAW has been incredibly supportive of not just my various meanderings, but independent Mac developers in general.

It's not easy for independent developers to get real coverage on major web sites. TUAW could do just fine covering the big and obvious stories, but they actually take the time to write individual articles on smaller apps. Even more impressively, they take the time to write topics specific to developing for the Mac.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog

They even covered the CocoaHeads meeting at the Apple Store during Macworld Expo. This was helpful for both CocoaHeads and Midnight Apps, particularly because their readers are not as likely to be existing developers.

There's no driving business reason to do any of this. Most people visiting TUAW are not writing Mac software. I'm left to conclude that they do it because they think it's the right thing to do. For that, they have my ongoing respect.

So to David, Scott, Mat, Erica and everyone else over there looking out for the indie developers — thanks.
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Serious Kudos to TUAW
Posted Jan 24, 2007 — 7 comments below


Stephen C. Johnson — Jan 24, 07 3398

Sometimes it is just wonderful to see someone do a good thing.
Thank you, Scott.
Thank you TUAW.

Elliott Harris — Jan 24, 07 3400

Here, here. TUAW has been and contiunes to be amazingly supportive of the entire MacDev community.

I think we can all agree that the bond TUAW and the community share is an amazingly good relationship for both parties.

So, thanks TUAW. It means a whole lot to a whole lot of people. :)

StuFF mc — Jan 24, 07 3404

Congrats Scott for being on TUAW. I have tried all my ways for them to talk about, never did it :( Hopefully people will read the cool post you wrote about Pomcast... By the way: be ready... The first series of Interviews I did at Macworld are coming veeery soon, and I spent some time on the post-production so you should reaaaaly like it ;)

Matthias — Jan 24, 07 3405

TUAW is really great.
They even covered my app called GimmeSomeTune - which really helped me a lot.
Thank you, TUAW. You are great.

David Chartier — Jan 24, 07 3406

From TUAW to all Mac OS X developers out there: thank YOU, and you're most welcome for any coverage we can get you. Admittedly, developer topics don't hit quite as hard as some of our other bread and butter, but there definitely are a few of us (myself included) who believe developers and development-related topics deserve more attention. Without you guys, the Mac platform wouldn't get very far, and we're trying to bring some more attention to that fact to help you guys out and maybe even put more of a spotlight on everything you do for us.

Thanks again, and thanks for reading TUAW!

Scott — Jan 27, 07 3434

Kudos to you for giving us kudos (woah... a kudos loop). I think our interest in indie developers is less a reflection of us and more a reflection of the great work you, as a group and individually, are doing.

One day, I tell you, I will learn some Cocoa... and you'll probably be responsible in some way.

Gabriel Shahbazian — Jan 27, 07 3440

Thanks to TUAW's coverage of the Chi Pet, it really took off! I have a great amount of gratitude and respect towards them.



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