Late Night Cocoa Interview: Leopard

The latest episode of Late Night Cocoa was just posted, with me as a guest. The main focus of the interview is the new API coming in Leopard, though we talk a bit about Cocoa Dev Central and Cocoa Blogs as well.

Some of the Leopard topics covered: Objective-C 2.0, Core Animation, scripting language bridges, Xcode 3, and Interface Builder 3. We also take a look ahead to WWDC 2007, the Leopard Tech Talks, the reasons for getting an ADC membership, and predictions for Leopard ship dates.

We even go a bit into user interface design, including the shockwaves that Disco generated and what Core Animation means to that new landscape. Juan will be happy to know that Steve is a Cha-Ching user.
Having a peek behind the camera, I can tell you Steve runs a top-class show. The fact that the result is consistently of very high quality is no accident.

I hope you enjoy it.
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Late Night Cocoa Interview: Leopard
Posted Feb 8, 2007 — 4 comments below


Adam Spooner — Feb 08, 07 3552

Just put it on my iPod and am looking forward to listening during my drive to school. It's the first I've heard of the Late Night Cocoa podcast, thanks for calling attention to it.

An aside: I've been on the hunt for those component cables for the Wii, but I can't seem to find them anywhere (and am hesitant of the Nintendo Store). I don't want "muddy pixels" stopping me from saving Zelda! =)

Christian Machmeier — Feb 08, 07 3553

Ah, finally… Thx for raising awareness, I almost forgot, although, I've been waiting for/looking forward to/happily giggling about that very episode, since I read its announcement on Late Night Cocoa's website. Can't wait for the download to finish…

Rafael Bugajewski — Feb 08, 07 3555

Thanks! Me too, didn't know about Late Night Cocoa. I just subscribed to the feed in iTunes, fetching all of the available podcast episodes.

I hope that I'll find some time while going to university by bus. It's really nice to see, that there is an active Mac OS X developer community.

Jose Vazquez — Feb 11, 07 3563

On a somewhat unrelated note.

I just came back from taking Aaron Hillegas' Cocoa Bootcamp class (Big Nerd Ranch) Which BTW totally rocked. I just wanted to let Scott know that Aaron mentions Cocoa dev central in his parting pointers at the end of the class. He even mentioned Scott Stevenson and "The Cacao" (at least that is what I yhought I heard.

Thought you might want to know... keep up the good work! (PS how is twilight Princess coming along?)


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