iPod Kiosk Mode

Phil on the macosx-talk list pointed out a PDF document which describes the notes functionality of the iPod in detail. One of these features is the ability to put the iPod into "museum mode," which disables normal navigation and provides custom navigation.

Here's a description from the PDF:

To set the iPod to museum mode: Create a plain text file named "Preferences.txt" and add the following line: <meta name="NotesOnly" content="true">. Save the file and copy it into the Notes folder on iPod.

Notes use a stripped-down form of HTML for basic formatting. You can links to other notes, audio, photos, and even video. Some of this is only available on fifth generation iPods, of course. The PDF is 54 pages long and goes into a lot of detail. Pretty slick.

(Credit to LuKreme for pointing this interface out during his visit to the Denver Art Museum, which uses this feature.)
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iPod Kiosk Mode
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Kevin — Feb 12, 07 3565

This has been in the iPods since the 3rd generation iPods. What requires a 5G is linking to videos and images. Linking to other pages and songs on your iPod works on any iPod (except the shuffles) since the 3G.


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