Cocoa Tutorial for Absolute Newbies: Part II

The newest tutorial at Cocoa Dev Central is called Learn Cocoa: Part II. The first one was very simple by design. This follow-up introduces the idea of writing and compiling code, along with basic object-oriented concepts.

Learn Cocoa 2

Both tutorials are a bit unconventional. They don't really assume previous programming experience, but they don't go the bottom-up route either. Instead, of learning about data widths and pointers, you're dropped right in the middle of a Cocoa app and are shown only concepts you need to progress to the next step. This is all designed to keep you motivated.

The closest comparison I can think of is the Pimsleur language system. You aren't taught all the rules about grammar first, but rather immersed in common phrases. That may sound crazy, but it's exactly how young children learn to speak.

I also think this it's how a lot of programmers learn to write software. Most of my learning experiences involved being exposed to something and then getting immersed in a situation where each thing I learned was immediately useful.

Donations are appreciated because these things take a long time to put together, and I'd like to keep doing them. As before, if you donate at least $21 to the site, you'll receive a Cocoa Blogs RSS account which is good for one year. The feed has not just raw links but commentary and analysis where it makes sense. The donations are invested in Cocoa Dev Central, Cocoa Blogs and Theocacao.

Also, one last thing that maybe someone will find entertaining. These are the concept sketches I put together while waiting for breakfast at Hobees. Appropriately, it's drawn on the back of a Hobees kids menu.

Learn Cocoa 2 Sketches

While you guys go read that, I'm going to catch up on some Zelda.

Design Element
Cocoa Tutorial for Absolute Newbies: Part II
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