CocoaHeads Tonight: Cocoa Bindings Plus Leopard

We have a late addition. In addition to the previously-scheduled Cocoa Bindings Tip and Tricks session tonight at CocoaHeads Silicon Valley, we're also going to get a preview of Core Animation along with a high-level overview of other Leopard additions.

Deric Horn of Apple has offered to give us a quick look at some these goodies available to developers in Leopard. This will be a short presentation, as we're still going to make the primary focus of the meeting Cocoa Bindings. But this is a nice bonus for anyone who is able to attend.

Cocoa Bindings and Leopard

No super-secret features. This is basically an in-person explanation of what's already disclosed about the upcoming APIs. This should be useful information for developers interested in writing Leopard apps, and you're allowed to ask questions.

The meeting is at 7:30pm at Apple Building 1 in the Hong Kong conference room. Bring all of your Cocoa Bindings-related questions. We'll try to touch on both beginner topics and some more advanced material. No pre-registration is required and admission is free.

Map to Apple Building 1

See you there.
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CocoaHeads Tonight: Cocoa Bindings Plus Leopard
Posted Mar 8, 2007 — 4 comments below


Ben — Mar 08, 07 3687

Hi Scott, this all sounds so amazingly cool but I would like to let you know that I won't be able to make it. I live in Brisbane, Australia. lol.

I don't know if you (or someone else) is recording the CocoaHeads nights, but it would be extremely cool if there was an audio podcast and the keynote that goes along with it. If it was a pretty raw recording I know i'd be happy.

Sorry if you've already covered this, it just sounds super exciting and I wish I could be there too.

cesar — Mar 08, 07 3688

would you post the pdf slides of tonight cocoaheads?

Jose R. Vazquez — Mar 08, 07 3689

I guess I'll just have to find a new job in your area and relocate there. Yeah, that seems like a perfectly reasonable justification... I'm sure my wife will buy it. She already let me go the the Big Nerd Ranch Cocoa BootCamp... this is just the next step in a logical progression!

Marco Masser — Mar 08, 07 3690

I'm just another guy who'd be really happy to see/hear/read something from these events online. As I live in Austria/Europe, I am certainly never going to attend such a meeting. So if it is not too much hassle, share your experience of this evening, please!


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