TextMate Wins a Jolt Productivity Award

The Jolt Awards were presented at the SD West conference tonight, for which TextMate was nominated. Allan Odgaard is currently in Japan so he asked me to accept the award in his name, which I was happy to do. This is actually a bigger deal for TextMate than it may seem.

TextMate Jolt Productivity Award

The nominees and the conference in general has a strong Microsoft, IBM, Sun and Linux influence. Apple is not an exhibitor (although there were many Apple laptops around). Therefore, the fact that TextMate was even nominated is really special. To actually receive the award says a lot about how many bridges a single Mac app can cross.

Allan wanted me to express his deep thanks to the entire TextMate community — particularly the bundle developers, the community members that raise awareness, and even individual users who have sent feedback in to suggest improvements to TextMate.

Of course, it's been a big twelve months for TextMate as Allan also accepted an Apple Design Award during WWDC. And just to top it off, build 1372 of TextMate was released last night with some notable improvements to the Objective-C and C bundles (thanks to Joachim).

(Curious what sort of thing is hard to photograph? Well it's not mostly-translucent laser engraved glass if that's what you're wondering.)
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TextMate Wins a Jolt Productivity Award
Posted Mar 22, 2007 — 5 comments below


Zac White — Mar 22, 07 3773

That is really cool, but couldn't they have capitolized TextMate correctly?

Reinier Meenhorst — Mar 22, 07 3782

great news

Joe Goh — Mar 22, 07 3783

Curious what sort of thing is hard to photograph?

I guess these aren't really "things", but anyway here's a list of what i've found technically challenging to photograph.

Running and playing children. Rock concerts. Kendo tournaments/practice.

Basically, these activities combine inadequate lighting (that you cannot control in anyway - flash, additional lights, etc) and fast moving subjects.

FredB — Mar 22, 07 3787


As Zac wrote, strange that MacroMates is camel-cased and not TextMate...

Oskar Lissheim-Boethius — Jun 08, 07 4258

That's totally awesome. Spoke with Allan a few days ago and was sad to hear he wasn't coming to WWDC this year.

(Where are the TextMate t-shirts, btw?)


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