Cocoa Blogs Lineup for March 2007

There were a number of changes to the Cocoa Blogs roster over the past ten days or so. Some new blogs came out of nowhere and some existing authors have started to find their rhythm.

Dave Batton was moved up to the featured section for writing several excellent tutorials in succession. Late Night Cocoa was moved up to featured status for being all-around fantastic. Not to mention having a Mac development podcast with a proper British accent makes us all feel a bit more cultured.

Cocoa Blogs

There are also newcomers in the secondary listings.

  1. Jeff Johnson works on Vienna and writes about various Cocoa topics in a style which edutains me

  2. CocoaCast is a video podcast aimed at beginners

  3. Blake C. has a number of interesting posts on Mac programming, notable in that they often look at lower-level details

  4. Paul Franceus is a surprising new addition. Not only are his posts on Core Image insightful, but the quality of his writing suggests experience. Even complex topics are explained very clearly

  5. Mike Zornek probably should have been in there from the beginning, but he's there now. He recently had a post on how he built a online software store using Rails

  6. Guy English of Rogue Amoeba is a new entry, but already has a couple of articles which cover material I haven't seen talked about anywhere else

There is an RSS feed for Cocoa Blogs. In addition to being very convenient, it has extra commentary which isn't displayed on the main site. The feed is membership-based, and made available as a thank-you gift to anyone who donates at least $21 to Cocoa Dev Central. The account stays active for one year.

Donations support the production and operational costs of Cocoa Dev Central, Cocoa Blogs and Theocacao. All three sites are entirely supported by readers. That is, there are no ads on any of the sites by design. I could see a day when there might be ads from a few smaller Mac developers, but nothing handed down from a mega ad network.

If you would like an account, please make a donation at any of the newer articles. I realize that I need to make this explanation more visible, and that will come as part of a larger batch of updates.
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Cocoa Blogs Lineup for March 2007
Posted Mar 31, 2007 — 3 comments below


Philipe — Apr 06, 07 3887

Thanks for your effort in CocoaBlog. I really dig it and it's very useful even for beginners. Keep it up.

Allan Ka — Apr 07, 07 3891

Thx scott, your links and tutorials are very useful for beginners.


Christopher Humphries — Apr 15, 07 3924

I appreciate what you're doing for the Mac and Cocoa community (and newbies like me). Much appreciated and you got my support :)


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