ADC Premier Membership Discount

Just so you don't kick yourself in about two months, you might want to be aware of a $2499 ADC Premiere Membership which Apple is offering until June 11. That's one thousand dollars off. Of course, even the discounted price isn't pocket change, but it may pay for itself depending on your plans.

The base level paid membership is Select, which is $499 for one year. It comes with one ADC hardware discount, 2 code-level tech support incidents and download access to software seeds.

Premier is $2000 more, but you get:

1.  A WWDC 2007 Ticket ($1295)
2.  Six more tech support incidents ($1170)
3.  Nine more hardware discounts (while(1) dollars++;)

Assuming you have the funds to make the initial investment, it's an absurdly good deal. You also get access to some collection of WWDC session videos via iTunes, though I'm not sure what the particular lineup is.

Personally, I'd like to see an Ultimate membership, which would enable you to send a description of your desired application to DTS, at which point they proceed to write the entire application, localize it in fifteen languages, design an icon, and build an online store.
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ADC Premier Membership Discount
Posted Apr 1, 2007 — 9 comments below


Reg — Apr 01, 07 3862

Careful what you wish for.

Dan Wood (Karelia), Arlo Rose and Perry Clarke (Konfabulator) each bought an ADC Ultimate Membership a few years back.

But it wasn't quite what they expected!

And I hear Tony Arnold (VirtueDesktops) had signed up for the ADC Ultimate Student Membership...

gdw — Apr 01, 07 3863

Aww. But Ultimate would take all the fun out of it.

Localization services would be nice though...

Scott Stevenson — Apr 01, 07 3864 Scotty the Leopard

I think Bud Tribble can stake claim to at least some of the ideas that are currently seen in Dashboard. Reading the stories on really shines a light on how many modern software models were inspired by the original Mac.

Reg — Apr 02, 07 3874

No question at all that Dashboard is far better as a system level, ubiquitous app on all Macs, rather than a limited 3rd party one. And that it's a direct descendant of Desktop Accessories (or "desk ornaments" as Tribble original conceived circa 1980) which had lived on the Mac from System 1.0 through Mac OS 9.2.

(Perhaps I'd argue that Apple maybe should have done a "CoverFlow" on Konfabulator: a buyout would have been trivial for Apple, would have kept the community on good terms, and it was effectively what Yahoo! ended up doing for the developers anyway.)

Just making the point that perhaps we don't want Apple to get too involved in looking at our ideas and making them into full-blown apps!

hmurchison — Apr 03, 07 3875

I don't feel sorry for any of those developers. They are all doing well. I'm looking forward to picking up Sandvox. Konfabulator never impressed me at all. Apple isn't a charity they bought Cover flow because it was a unique and great idea. They don't pay for someone aping their own ideas and adding a bit of gloss.

Slackin — Apr 04, 07 3876

"aping their own ideas and adding a bit of gloss" ...

And supporting 10.3, and adding non-heads-up-display views, and not creating a simplistic browser without a frame and calling it a 'new' concept.

At least konfabulator ups the bar. Whether you like it or not, more players in the field mean more developers to compete against each other. What I think is annoying is that Apple doesn't allow you to easily (without modifying plists), disable dashboard. Sounds like an MS tactic to me....

Tony Arnold — Apr 11, 07 3894

@Reg: Heh - not a student membership, mate. I was a tertiary student for a grand total of one semester - I was never really able to get an ADC "Ultimate Student Membership" (XXTREEM!).

I get my ADC Select Seed Key thanks to a colleague at my work who signs up for Select membership each year.

I got Spaces in the face because Virtue used private APIs that Apple was probably planning on using all along :)

BaRnibus — Jul 28, 07 4550

The question is, can you buy the ADC and get the discount in the same purchase?

Scott Stevenson — Jul 30, 07 4551 Scotty the Leopard

The question is, can you buy the ADC and get the discount in the same purchase?

If you mean hardware, no, I don't think so. I believe they have to be separate purchases.


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