WWDC 2007 Coding Headstarts

In the run-up to WWDC 2007, Apple has added Coding Headstarts to the site. I think this is a fantastic idea, but it's still in the early stages so a bit of explanation may help.

Headstart Videos

A "Headstart" is essentially a combination of sample code, a lesson guide, and a video podcast of sorts — all designed to explain one particular topic. It's sort of like a Leopard lesson-in-a-box. The initial batch of topics are:

1. Objective-C 2.0
2. Cocoa Bindings
3. Calendar Store Framework
4. Quick Look Plug-In
5. QTKit Recording

As a teaser, any ADC member can download the introductory videos which explain each particular Headstart package, but you need to be signed up for WWDC 2007 to get access to the full Xcode projects and Lesson Guides for each.

Objective-C Guide

The goal is not just to understand the topic in general, but to get ready for the WWDC session for that topic. In other words, if you walk into the Cocoa Bindings session cold, you may get lost in the material. If you spend a few hours with one of these packages first, you should be ready to rock by the time you walk in.

As far as I know, this is the first time Apple has put developer relations staff on camera. Up until this point, the only "face" of the ADC team was the site itself. The videos give you a better feel for what WWDC is actually like. You can just walk up to Apple engineers and ask them your questions. That's really the whole point of WWDC.

(Actually, the real reason to go is Stump the Experts)
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WWDC 2007 Coding Headstarts
Posted Apr 23, 2007 — 4 comments below


Erik — Apr 23, 07 3953

It looks like they were all asked to wear grey shirts for the talks. I guess I understand Apple's perspective (they probably want their engineers to present a professional and unified image), but I guess I also somehow assumed that the company would want to project a more creative and fun image as well.

mmalc — Apr 23, 07 3954

It looks like they were all asked to wear grey shirts for the talks.

Not all of us were :-)


Shawn Erickson — Apr 23, 07 3955

At least you aren't a red shirt mmalc... cause you know what happens to those. :)

The blue works for ya ;)

Chuck — Apr 23, 07 3956

I hope they release this kind of stuff after WWDC. I can't get to San Francisco that week, but it looks dead useful.


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