Last Day for WWDC 2007 Early Registration

Friday, April 27 is the last day for the early registration discount for WWDC 2007. This a big year for Mac developers. In my opinion, you absolutely must go at least once. You get to meet the people that actually work on Mac OS X and the frameworks, as well as Mac developers from around the world. (See Flickr/WWDC2006).
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Last Day for WWDC 2007 Early Registration
Posted Apr 27, 2007 — 4 comments below


Glenn — Apr 29, 07 4013

While still shows that early registration ended on Friday, April 27th, the non-developer Leopard page notes that the early registration deadline has been extended to Friday, May 11th.

Don — May 01, 07 4022

The ADC WWDC07 page has been updated with the new deadline.

natevw — May 01, 07 4024

....and Apple just sent out an e-mail regarding the "extendend" registration.

Todd — May 03, 07 4027

Did anyone else notice that the WWDC Thursday night Apple campus bash has been replaced with a WWDC Bash to be held in "downtown San Francisco"?

I already have people asking me for Apple T-shirts, etc. from the Apple Store. D'oh! I'd love it if Apple decided to open a booth at Moscone to sell Apple logo stuff. Wouldn't it be great if this hypothetical booth was open all week long? Hopefully lines would be as bad as at the Apple Store!

I'm just sayin'...


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