CocoaHeads May 10: Write an Aperture Plug-In

Josh Anon will give a presentation on writing Aperture Plug-ins for the May 10 CocoaHeads in Silicon Valley. Apple has recently published a page dedicated to Aperture add-ons, so it seems the time is right.

In addition to being a good friend of mine, Josh is the co-author of Aperture Exposed, an award-winning nature photographer, a Cocoa developer, and a Technical Director at Pixar (Ratatouille). You can take a look at some of his pretty pictures at his portfolio site.

Josh Anon Hawaii
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But since Josh writes Mac software too, he's going to show us how he combines two of his favorite pastimes, and walk us through building an Aperture Plug-in. In keeping with CocoaHeads tradition, I have two copies of his book to give away.

Aperture Exposed

(see the book update PDF, which has details on newer versions of Aperture)

Josh has also recently released a Aperture plug-in called Lightbox XMP, which allows you to export a more complete set of XMP data than Aperture does on its own.

Map to 1 Infinite Loop

Thursday, May 10 at 7:30pm
1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino
Hong Kong Conference Room

There's no registration fee, and programmers (and photographers) of all skill levels are welcome. In addition to the featured presentation, CocoaHeads is a great place to get help with Mac programming. I can usually talk at least a few Apple folks into showing up to help out with questions.

Your homework is to download the free trial of Aperture and start playing around with it. BagelTurf has a substantial amount of introduction material to look at. Bring your laptop with Aperture and Xcode ready-to-go.

Josh Anon Japan
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If you don't show up, I'm going to send this monkey after you. And he won't be happy he had to leave his hot spring and come all the way from Japan.
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CocoaHeads May 10: Write an Aperture Plug-In
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Jesper — May 05, 07 4035

Well, he'd also have to go all the way to Sweden. Without some sort of private jet, I consider myself grudgingly excused.

Marco Masser — May 05, 07 4036

Well, while he's there in Sweden, he could just as easily stop by in Austria and kick my butt as well ;-(


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