Congratulations to Daniel and Chrissa

I don't really use this space for personal notes very often, but in this case, I think it's justified. Daniel Jalkut is getting married today (according to Gus, who has a company named Flying Meat. So take it as you will).

You're a hard-working guy with a good heart, Dan. You deserve happiness. I'm happy to hear you've found it. If I was at the wedding, my gift would be the source code to a Mac app that I purchased the rights to.

Also, just so we're clear, we're getting you some drinks at WWDC to celeberate.
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Congratulations to Daniel and Chrissa
Posted May 6, 2007 — 5 comments below


Ross Carter — May 06, 07 4048

Daniel, congratulations! May your honeymoon last forever!

Even though Daniel has never heard of me--I've never so much as sent him an email--he's among the select few whose Cocoa-flavored blogs make them seem familiar acquaintances. Scott, Daniel, John, Scotty, Uli, Wil (whom I actually did meet once), you're a big part of what makes Cocoa development so much fun. Here's to you all!


Daniel Jalkut — May 06, 07 4051

Gotta love the Mac developer community. Many thanks for the kind words, Scott. Now I wish I had invited you to the wedding, though. That gift would have been great :)

Ross: I'm glad you enjoy our blogs. Having an audience makes all the difference in the world. Keeps making it interesting to try to write new things. I also encourage you to blog your own development experiences. You'll probably be among the reading list of the next generation of Cocoa learners!

hmurchison — May 07, 07 4073

What? Geeks are allowed to have women? Did I miss the memo? :P

Congrats Daniel! Finding the right woman to spend the rest of your life with is like writing the perfect code. Nothing but bliss. All the best

Anonymous Inquirer — May 21, 07 4135


Am I to understand then that you have an app you're looking to get rid of?

Scott Stevenson — May 22, 07 4139 Scotty the Leopard

Am I to understand then that you have an app you're looking to get rid of
Nope. Just a joke.


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