CocoaHeads: Aperture Plug-In in Town Hall

Tonight's CocoaHeads Silicon Valley meeting has been moved to Town Hall in Building 4. In addition, Apple has provided us with a number of copies of Aperture to give away to get you guys started writing plug-ins. We'll do a random drawing for both these and the copies of Aperture Exposed.

The topic is Write an Aperture Plug-In, with a presentation by Josh Anon. Josh is the co-author of Aperture Exposed, an award-winning nature photographer, a Cocoa developer, and a Technical Director at Pixar (Ratatouille). You can take a look at some of his photos at his portfolio site.


Town Hall is a much nicer venue than the Hong Kong conference room, with a large demo screen, a real stage, and a lot more seating. We've actually run out of sitting room the last few times, so this is a nice upgrade. I need you guys and gals need to show up in force to demonstrate that we'd like this venue on an ongoing basis.

Town Hall is along the back side of Infinite Loop. If you enter from De Anza, simply turn left or right (it's a loop, after all) and continue along until you see the ginormous 4 sitting outside of the entry doors. If you don't see anyone waiting, knock and wait a few moments for someone to let you in.

Map to 1 Infinite Loop

Thursday, May 10 at 7:30pm
1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino
Town Hall Theater in Building 4

There's no registration fee, and programmers (and photographers) of all skill levels are welcome. In addition to the featured presentation, CocoaHeads is a great place to get help with Mac programming. The focus tonight will be on Aperture, but we can also find some time for addressing general Mac programming topics. No promises, but I might have a small surprise for anyone who shows up a bit earlier, around 7:00pm.

Josh Anon Japan
Copyright © Josh Anon

We'll try to post a sign to redirect people to Building 4, but if you see anyone who looks a bit misplaced, ask them if they're showing up for CocoaHeads and direct them to Building 4.

See you there.
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CocoaHeads: Aperture Plug-In in Town Hall
Posted May 10, 2007 — 6 comments below


Joe McMahon — May 11, 07 4096

Got there late (8:00) last night and wasn't sure if I had the right building. (A sign on the door would help.) I'm really sorry I missed the drawing!

Will the meetings be staying in 4?

Bagelturf — May 11, 07 4097

Josh had a very well condensed and accurate course on writing Aperture plug-ins prepared and delivered it well.

There were some giveaways too: I walked out with a new camera! (made of foam unfortunately).

Blain — May 11, 07 4098

Wonderful presentation, and I learned a bunch. My thoughts about Building 4.

Pros: - Built-in-videocams increase the chance of the meetings being podcasted - Large enough to hold a massive group - Coolness factor in that it's the stockholder meeting room, apparently - Large video display

Cons: - Too large for smaller groups - I didn't notice a preponderance of power outlets (Although I didn't look) - Everyone was much more quiet before the meeting - Lack of common table to allow more peer to peer communication.

That last one is my only major concern, although it is a biggie.

Scott Stevenson — May 12, 07 4101 Scotty the Leopard

Wonderful presentation, and I learned a bunch. My thoughts about Building 4

I think this is good feedback, and I do understand what you mean. People certainly seem to feel they should be more quiet in a theater setting. The stage element does give it a more like one-to-many feeling, too. Maybe there's something we can do about that.

I think for now we should stick with Building 4 for now, particularly because we ran out of room in the other one the last few times. The next one will be in San Francisco for WWDC, though.

Oskar L-B — May 12, 07 4105

Darn, too bad this wasn't a month later, when I'll actually be on site... Josh is just great!

Here's hoping you'll have a meet-up for CocoaHeads and Thecocoa readers during WWDC.

Blain — May 13, 07 4106

Re: The stage element. Agreed. I'm torn. I do miss the large u-shape table to a degree.

On the other hand, lots of people were having problems seeing the presentations in the tabled rooms. That and the theatre has a sort of throwback feeling. If I recall, the Homebrew Computer Club was done in the same sort of room layout.

If clustering were easier in the room, that'd solve a lot of the issues. Maybe a few roll-around chairs in the front, so that you could pull one up, sit, and talk facing those in the theatre seats.


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