iPhone Diggnation Taping in Palo Alto

I made an unscheduled trip to downtown Palo Alto yesterday. In a bizarre twist of fate, I just happened to stumble on a taping of Diggnation outside of the Apple Store. I stopped by for a minute just to say hi to Alex and tell him I like the show. Kevin was busy, but I stayed to watch the first few minutes of the taping.

Diggnation Palo Alto 1

If you're not familiar with Diggnation, it's a weekly-ish video podcast loosely based on popular stories on Digg. Kevin and Alex discuss the stories as they drink. For me, it's like live action Family Guy. You don't have to be a Digg reader to appreciate it. In case, though, they weren't drinking — presumably because it's a public sidewalk.

Diggnation Palo Alto 2

It happened that Robert Scoble was there as well, presumably for the purposes of the show, but I wasn't around long enough to see.

Diggnation Palo Alto 2

The girl sitting next to them has a sticker that says #21, which I assume means she's twenty-first in line for an iPhone at 4pm on Thursday. That's nearly a full day before the release.
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iPhone Diggnation Taping in Palo Alto
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