Lifted is Available from iTunes

Lifted, the short that accompanies Ratatouille, is available from iTunes. This is my favorite Pixar short. Even if you haven't seen it, go ahead and buy it anyway. Perfecto.

Lifted 1

Lifted 2
Design Element
Lifted is Available from iTunes
Posted Jul 4, 2007 — 8 comments below


Andrew Knott — Jul 04, 07 4482

Only available in the US store... Damn.

nevyn — Jul 04, 07 4484

Argh! Death to ye regional lock-ins on an international networrrrk AAGH!

Jens Alfke — Jul 05, 07 4492

I enjoyed "Lifted" a lot (Pixar's animators are geniuses at conveying subtle facial expressions, even on aliens), but I think "Knick-Knack" is still my all-time favorite. The first time I saw it, in a theater at some animation film festival, I laughed myself silly and had to be carried out on a stretcher.

natevw — Jul 05, 07 4496

Isn't that the "Hero" built-in sound? Stop the presses: Apple has a secret 3d+multiswitch port of OS X, according to a source familiar with their intergalatic department.

Scott Stevenson — Jul 06, 07 4497 Scotty the Leopard

Isn't that the "Hero" built-in sound?
I think you're right.

Thijs — Jul 08, 07 4504

I love this!

Blain — Jul 09, 07 4510

This is kind of off-topic, but given that there's been no post about it... Is Cocoaheads still go for the 12th?

Philip Orr — Jul 18, 07 4537

Pity it's not available in the UK, yet.


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