CocoaHeads Oct 11: Google Data APIs for Cocoa

Greg Robbins and David Phillip Oster of Google have accepted our invitation to do a presentation on the Objective-C Google Data APIs at CocoaHeads Silicon Valley next Thursday, October 11. The meeting will be at 7:30pm at Town Hall on the Apple Campus.

If you want to get a head start now, you can take a look at the remarkably straightforward tutorial that Greg wrote for Cocoa developers who are looking to get started with this set of APIs. There's also a blog post on the topic.

I'm not sure if it's rolled into the Objective-C interfaces just yet, but it turns out that a YouTube API is available under Google Data API umbrella. So let your imaginations run wild on that.

It sounds like Greg may be doing a bit of traveling (?) to make it here, so please make it worth his while by coming down and participating, and emailing co-workers and friends who might be interested. Unlike the conference rooms in the past, we have plenty of space in Town Hall.

Map to 1 Infinite Loop

Thursday, October 11 at 7:30pm
Town Hall, Building 4 Apple

If you enter the campus from the main De Anza driveway, turn left and follow the road all the way around until you see the gigantic 4 on the sidewalk. Walk up and knock so that someone can let you in.

There's no fee or pre-registration required. You can just show up. In addition to the featured presentation, CocoaHeads is a great place to get help with Mac programming, and we often have time at the end for demos or feedback on current projects.
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CocoaHeads Oct 11: Google Data APIs for Cocoa
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