CocoaHeads: Google Data API Wrap-Up

Greg Robbins and David Phillip Oster of Google gave a fantastic presentation on the Objective-C Google Data API at CocoaHeads Silicon Valley tonight. Greg came all the way from Seattle, and he was met by our largest attendance yet (outside of WWDC).

Google Data APIs Objective-C Presentation

There was also an experimental attempt at recording video from the talk. If it turns out well, it will be posted online for general viewing. Now that I know there's somebody willing to record video, we'll see if we can get the microphones hooked up somehow for better audio volume.

Finally, Chris Hanson is working on putting together a coding-centric "hack night" on a regular basis at a coffee shop in Campbell. We're still figuring out the details, but the general idea is that a bunch of us can get together for help on projects, do demos, or just try to soak up the vibes and write some code.

Stay tuned.
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CocoaHeads: Google Data API Wrap-Up
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Dave — Oct 12, 07 4736

I'd love to see that video. Thanks for the great site. Keep it up.


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