One of My Favorite License Plates Ever

I have thing with license plates. I saw this one while heading toward the Apple Store at Valley Fair tonight to check out the Leopard scene. Not exactly sure where this one is in the list, but it's definitely in the top ten, and maybe even the top five.

10E99ER License Plate QuickLook

I like the ones that are a bit of a puzzle to pull apart. This definitely fits the criteria.
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One of My Favorite License Plates Ever
Posted Oct 27, 2007 — 16 comments below


Ravi — Oct 27, 07 4858

At some point, you have to decode this for us :)

Trausti Thor Johannsson — Oct 27, 07 4859

I don't get it

Zach — Oct 27, 07 4860

I got it :)

Hint: 10E99 = 10 ^ 100

Zachary — Oct 27, 07 4861

Just saw that there was another Zach posting here, so I'll use Zachary from now on to avoid confusion.

Here's a much more fun version of my hint

Aaron Harnly — Oct 27, 07 4862

That's just lovely. And why am I not surprised that it's on a Prius?

Aaron Harnly — Oct 27, 07 4863

Oh, and Scott, won't you share some of your others top tens?

Mike Kelly — Oct 27, 07 4864

Ha! And my mom said my physics degree wasn't good for anything... :)

Blain — Oct 27, 07 4867

That is awesome.

I once saw someone at a gas station with a blue 2000ish Mustang with plates of "ALTAIR". I had to stop them and ask if it was referring to the kit computer. Turns out he's an astrophysicist, and while he had used the computer, it refers to the star of that name.

He stopped and asked, "Wait. How do you know about the Altair (computer)?" Which is a valid question since it literally was before my time. I probably know too much computer history.

I've also seen some amusing licence plate frames, including, "My other car's a chocobo."

Jason McC. Smith — Oct 28, 07 4869

Probably my favorite one was in Seattle, on a late-60s Beetle.


It was an old Bug, after all.

Chris Devers — Oct 28, 07 4890

I think my top three favorites, not necessarily in order, were:

* on a beat up old Nissan pickup in Mobile, Alabama: "NTADMIN"

* on a "look at me aren't I expensive" Audi sedan, seen at the tail end of the dotcom days in Boston: "XML"

* on a "look at me aren't I expensive" BMW convertible, seen this summer in Boston: "LOLWTF"

Glenn — Oct 29, 07 4899

Ha! Funny one. I guess I got to the Apple store (and got my t-shirt) before you did.

That license plate came to me in a flash when I saw another one that was "1E100 ER", and I thought "I could just shift a zero and stay within 7 characters. What a nerd am I.

I've only had a couple of passengers figure it out.

Josh Anon — Oct 30, 07 4900

Other fun and geeky license plates seen in the bay area:
FFFF00 (on a yellow audi)

Andras Puiz — Oct 30, 07 4905

I prefer puns that work all the way. This one fails in both spelling and pronunciation. (But then I also find it pretty embarrassing that the company name contains an unintentional typo...)

KG — Oct 31, 07 4928

But the spelling is different... Aaaaahh!!! Oh, wait, custom license plates predate 'leet and other txt tr1x...

Josh Hight — Nov 01, 07 4942

Arion — Nov 06, 07 5014

I've been collecting a list of "geek" license plates in the Northern Virginia area for several years. You'd be surprised at how many I've seen!

Here's the list if you'd like to take a look:


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