NSCoder Night Tonight Nov 27

NSCoder Night happens tonight from 7pm to 9pm at Orchard Valley Coffee in Campbell. There are other locations listed at the official site, so look there for a local chapter or how to start one.

This is a smaller group than CocoaHeads right now, but that works in favor of anyone seeking help. We've been seeing good things happen each week, making real progress on code and learning new things.

NSCoder Night has no presentation or agenda. It's just a group of us getting together on a weekly basis to work on Mac programming projects and to get help with Cocoa, Xcode, and so on.

The idea is that you can bring your laptop with any project that you're working on. You can walk up to Chris or me or anyone else who you have a question for, and we'll do what we can to answer it. The fact that we're there means you're not risking ambushing us, so don't be shy. You may also just want to demo your project to some other developers and get feedback.

If you've been to CocoaHeads Silicon Valley, you'll probably see some familiar faces, but anyone is free to show up. In other words, don't think that because you haven't been to CocoaHeads you'll be out of place.

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NSCoder Night
Tuesday Nov 27 (tonight!), 7pm - 9pm
Orchard Valley Coffee
349 E. Campbell Avenue

Other Locations

Some other chapters of NSCoder Night have already sprouted up elsewhere. There are seeds planted in St. Louis, Köln, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. See the official NSCoder Night site for more details on these chapters or how to start your own. If you can't make it in person for some reason, you can join the IRC channel #nscodernight on FreeNode. Colloquy is a good Mac IRC client.

But I really encourage you to come in person if you are able, and bring your co-workers and friends.
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NSCoder Night Tonight Nov 27
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